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tv   The Live Desk  FOX News  September 22, 2009 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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in the top box, the fbi and department of homeland security warning that stadiums, entertainment complexes and hotels might also be targeted by terrorists with backpack bonds. the fbi is now a rating storage units in colorado looking for bomb-making material. transit systems are on high alert following the arrest of three terror suspects and that there is word that nine other suspects may also be out there. in the middle box, the standout in the senate on health care. chuck grassley says the baucus plan will not stop funding going to abortion and will allow the league of to get coverage. now. reed is threatening the nuclear option. in the bottom box, that is dropped drive -- drought-
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stricken georgia. you talk about fees or bed. some areas not getting 20 inches of rain in the past year getting to feet and one day. now the water and the death toll are rising. martha: federal officials today have issued carry a alert on possible targets at sports stadiums and hotels. there were also concerned about the tax to our mass transit system. those are earlier pictures outside of the united nations. all of this is in the backdrop of the rest of several men belonged -- who are suspected to be members of the u.s. terror cell. all of that town is locked up with all of the united nations activity. >> we got a short -- a word a short time ago that metro
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security has increased security at a number of locations. we are here at penn station. mta is responsible for the railroad as well as the metro rail road in new york. they say they have increased security because of this terrorism they would not elaborate any further. if he were to go inside the building, you would see not only the mta police, but amtrak police, nypd, and national guard. they told me it was business as usual for them, nothing unusual. one hour ago we heard from the committee -- police commissioner ray kelly and he said the city is doing what it always does one come back in tehran. >> we have not engaged in any different practices or increased security. as i say, we do a lot every day. we devote over 1000 police
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officers every day to protect the state from a threat. we have not increased that number of resources. >> just to underscore, the city is not doing anything special at this time, but much of the investigation that is ongoing remained flat. martha: is pretty clear that they're trying to downplay any connection between the action they are taking right now and this investigation. we are also learning that this investigation is far reaching and there is a lot we have not been told yet, right? >> absolutely. your first point is an important one. the fbi and homeland security has repeated that these alerts have nothing to do with a specific threat.
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that said, an advisory have been issued for local police to look for suspicious activity at storage units. one week ago they found that pact during this terror-related program in queens, new york, and there is concern that these alleged terrorists may have been trying to build a home made bomb, storing equipment at one of these facilities. there is also an alert concerning look for the hotels. and fbi spokesperson told me, in part, one of the reason that the concern may have been raised is because of the general assembly meeting. martha: thank you. trace: we have much more on this threat coming out, but there is now catastrophic flooding in the southeast. take a look at this. scenes like this are becoming a that reality across-the-board cuts. remember, this part of the country has been plagued by
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severe drought, and now state officials are asking for federal aid. that is six flags. so far a half dozen people have lost their lives. >> a young boy in northwest georgia. he and a friend were trying to get to a vehicle. that is what happens. we are no match for the kind of force water can put upon us. cleve's restrain yourself, that -- please restrain yourself, ask them think that it is to get back. -- as tempting as it is to get back. trace: they were praying for rain, but not this much. >> that is true. we are in front of a home in
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metro atlanta. they do not remember the last time it was like this. the home owner was able to get out, said they were unable to that, was not looking over to what they would come back to. the bet that it will be a mess. it is something that kept me awake last night. i remembered some of the things that i did not get out of the main floor. my wedding album was there. >> that is what we are hearing from a lot of people. they are thankful that no one was hurt, but no one is looking forward to the cleanup. we have all kinds of groups working right now getting power back on and cleaning up. trace: we have been watching a video of people being rescued, the rising water. the death toll is still rising. >> that's right, you heard about the teenager that was washed
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away. we also heard of a two-year old that was ripped from his parents' arms and swept away by rising waters. tried it stories coming out of that. they said water was so high here fire crews were going around with boats making sure that everyone was out ok. trace: the pictures are pretty amazing. thank you, mary and -- marianne. martha: president obama on the world stage trying to convince world leader that despite economic downfall, weakens the cleanup plan that. he is at a climate change at that united nations. he urged everyone to get on board. >> we must not allow the perfect become the enemy of progress. each of us must do what we can,
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when we can, to grow our economy without endangering our planet, and we must all do it together. martha: it was there to one of the thorniest issues. a meeting with the leaders of israel and palestinian authorities. how is it going? major garrett is in new york city with us today. how is it going? >> talking about talking, and the president wrapped up a meeting with palestinian president mahmoud abbas and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. they said that they will continue to negotiate for the next few weeks. hillary clinton will be reporting back in one month on the progress of those talks, but this is far short of where the administration which it could be. i wanted to announce a new peace process here in new york.
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that is not going to happen. the president says we need to stop talking about talking and get into serious negotiations. he is not the first president to say that. martha: president obama also said that he would prefer some nations unclench their best to offer a hand instead. what kind of reaction will we see with these leaders? >> nothing when ahmadinejad. perhaps just a look muammar al- qaddafi. they may pass each other at the general assembly. the other two, hugo chavez and mahmoud ahmadinejad, not at all. trace: major garrett in new york. we are getting word of disagreement over health care in the senate. max baucus and the rest of the
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finance committee trying to work on a compromise bill. now the majority leader is threatening to use reconciliation.
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martha: another day and another dig on the property of teh
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garrihe garridos. they are looking for evidence anywhere on the yard that may link them to two other child abductions. the fed is getting ready to hold a two-day meeting on interest rate policies. the market will be watching that closely. in the bottom box, that is senator robert byrd, the longest serving senator in history taken to the hospital, after falling down in his home. apparently, he got up too fast. he was taken to the hospital in an abundance of caution. trace: a top republican says he has problems with the proposed health-care overhaul. that is from chuck grassley. the senate finance committee is
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considering changes to max baucus' reform plan today. he is considering expanding subsidies to purchase insurance, reducing penalties for not buying insurance, and increasing the level of an excise tax. so far, there are hundreds of proposed amendment -- 500 ticket for" -- >> the bill would require all americans to have health insurance. if you do not, you have to pay a tax. some democrats are saying, that provide some subsidies for low and moderate -- moderate income americans, but more liberal democrats are arguing, let's just create a government-run the insurance option. >> i will be very concerned
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about instead of providing true competition in the form of a public option to these insurance plans, instead we are providing consumers with a subsidy to buy the expensive insurance. why would we do that? >> democrats are also debating how and how much to tax those cadillac health insurance plans. democrats want to make sure they did not hit seniors or members of labor unions, people in this key jobs, too much. we are hearing that max baucus is sort of fixing that part of the language in the bill that would set the bar higher. trace: what about the other side of the aisle? what are republicans saying? >> they do not like the increased taxes, that amount, the idea that you have to have health insurance. some also do not believe the
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basic premise that you can spend all of this money and cover more people without any economic repercussions. >> if you are going to spend almost $1 trillion on a system that costs more than $2 to fund and a year, and he will have to raise taxes on middle-class families. >> he says everything always costs more in washington than the original estimate, so he believes that this will leado higher taxes. trace: thank you. martha: in the 2008 presidential debate, john mccain was asked this question, who would you choose for the post of treasury secretary elected president? who did he name? >> i like meg whitman, she knows what it is like to be in the marketplace. she was ceo of the company that started with 12 people and is now 1.3 million.
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martha: meg whitman is a name that you are going to hear a lot more. she built ebay from only 12 employees to 15,000 employees and almost $8 billion in revenues. her name popped up all the time in terms of people who are in the to give the government taps and terms of the economy.
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she has something else in mind now, and she is here to revenues. -- here to break the news. what are you going to be doing with your time? >> i will be running for governor of california. i am here to make the announcement official. martha: i hear there are many of your friends that are tried to talk you out of this. an action difficult the job. why do this? >> it is a big challenge and the state faces enormous issues and problems of the reason i decided to do this is i refuse to let california fail. i refuse to let them set by and watch what is happening to the state that i love. i think we can change the direction of california, but it will take a different approach. martha: it is one of the most beautiful state in the nation. it is ranked fourth in the
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unemployment right now in the country and in education kindergarten through fourth graders, it is 48. i can understand some states the weakness in education, but how did this happen in california? >> that has been a long-term decline. first and foremost, california is a tough place to do business. we have got to cut taxes here. we have to streamline regulation and compete for jobs. that is what unemployment is so high. the kindergarten through fourth grade allocation system, we cannot accept these results anymore. we are denying the vast majority of children a chance of the california dream. we can do it, but it will take the salt. trace: imf california boy, and good luck running the state, but
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governor schwarzenegger ran on the same platform. you run into the same problems. he was beaten down, because it is a democratic-controlled legislature, public unions are crippling the system. how do you hope to change something that he failed at? >> past governors have done a better job. the state was in pretty good shape when pete left. this is all about leadership and focus. i want to focus on three things doing extraordinarily well. fixing the business climate, creating jobs. the way to do that is focused. work with the legislator, take accountability for what we are going to fund and what we are going to cut. if you have a huge need to be
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liked by everyone, this might be a bad fit. martha: what are you going to do about the fact that a lot of people out of the business world did not know you and say, she has never held public office before. why should i vote for her? >> i think it is an advantage right now. i have traveled up and down the state of california and they are really angry at sacramento. they are tired of the politics. they want someone with a fresh set of eyes who has run businesses to come in and take control. californians want california to be great again but they recognize we have to change the way we do business here or we will continue on a slow, downward spiral. martha: maybe they will be calling you the steel plate.
1:25 pm
met with them, thank you for sharing this big announcement. we will be following what you are doing. >> thank you for the time. trace: new information and a possible cross country terror plot. the main suspect that a text message saying the wedding cake was ready. even though najibullah zazi may be in custody, the fbi believes there could still be terrorists out there, still trying to follow through on terror plans. and acorn workers accused of telling supposed profit to town to hide her occupation from the fed's, caught on tape suggesting she skirt federal laws and open up a brothel.
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trace: we want to get your brand new information on three big stories. there is breaking news on the pentagon afghanistan war strategy. >> a leading republican on capitol hill on the senate armed services committee, john mccain, is calling for general mcchrystal and general petraeus to come back to testify on capitol hill about what resources they need in afghanistan. he says he is frustrated at the white house has sent a message to general mcchrystal that he
1:30 pm
should not send his request for more troops. trace: there is a new way apparently to fight the war on drugs. let's go to kris gutierrez who is in austin, texas. >> actually, we are and help pass the, texas where the council voted to legalize marijuana earlier this year, but the mayor quickly vetoed that decision. now the mayor here also says that he likes the idea of legalizing some drugs because however, the governor rick perry says that none not fly. trace: i was only about 500 miles off senator robert byrd taken to the hospital. >> this came after a fall at the senator's house. he said that he stood up too fast. he took a trip to the hospital
1:31 pm
after reject -- as an abundance of caution. he is the longest running senator in history. he had been hospitalized twice this year alone, but he rallied earlier this year to deliver a speech remembering the late ted kennedy trace: thank you. martha: an urgent warning for mass transit systems, stadiums, and hotels. public places where large people begin numbers of people could be at one time. homeland security issue in a memo for all americans to be on the lookout for possible terrorist activity. concerned a possible plan that they set up a series of attacks. they are talking about backpack bombs, in particular. all of this occurs with this as
1:32 pm
a backdrop. three suspects dusted with ties to al-qaeda and now there is concern that could be linked to a larger group. we have two special guests. thank you for being here. people hear these two things at once, these memos being released to heighten the awareness and we are told there is no connection to the investigation. do you believe that? >> of course there is a connection, there is a reason why these warnings are going out right now. security officials have been clear to say that they do not have any specific indication of any specific attack planned against these locations. they are working on the basis of past history, given the profiles of these people, terror
1:33 pm
plot in the uk. i think they want to use an abundance of caution. martha: there is concern that there might be three other groups of four people connected to these people and that they predate day may -- and that they may have had to release some information. the bet that it seems that they needed to move quicker than they wanted to. it may have had to do with this apparent fbi informant that gave a warning to one of the other members. i suspect investigators were concerned that triggered the others, if there are some, to go forward with the attacks that they could potentially have planned. martha: we are hearing bits and pieces concerning this kind of
1:34 pm
place, hotels, that kind of place, a uhaul that they tried to read to. what are you hearing about this investigation? >> the important point here is it is ongoing, so they are still trying to make the effort of understanding how far this goes. the issue with the warnings, it is based on past experience. you look at the madrid bombing, the london bombings, the evidence felon in this case, and the concern comes up immediately. there could have been a similar method of operation here, perhaps the backpacks being used on some boys. usually, authorities said these warnings out to local authorities, 1st to make sure that there is no complacency.
1:35 pm
they would also point out that it is not based on a particular plot. martha: so you do not believe there are other groups who are part of this group who are still working on their own plant? >> there is an overall strategic effort by al qaeda, not just here, but anywhere they would like to strike. tonight, softer targets have become more of -- certainly, softer targets have become more of a focus. they may just be iinterested in this just to get something done. martha: i think people are shocked when you look at mumbai, spain, london, that things like that have not happened here. one of the things that struck me, when i started to learn about this, is that there was no fbi informant, no one planted in the group to spur them on to
1:36 pm
some idea, to offer them arms, to help them carry this out. this one is pretty different. >> yes, it is. some of these other plots were nipped -- martha: i have to jump in. we are watching some breaking news. trace: we are watching a cessna 182 that is about to land. you can see it touched down very gently on the front two wheels. it looks like it landed safely. that is in fort lauderdale, florida. that was the airplane, right? we have another one coming in right behind it.
1:37 pm
this could be it. landing gear that did not engage. here is the second airplane coming down. that looks like they are going to do a go around. wthey want that power to see that the landing gear is locked. they cannot tell from the inside. but they do in cases like this -- what they do in cases like this is the year plan will go by the tower, and they will have a visual. does my landing gear appeared to be down and blocked? from our vantage point, yes. in that case, they will go up and turn around and then they will land. tim gaughan, any information on
1:38 pm
how many people are on board? just the pilot on board. this is one of the most powerful single engines that cessna has. what ever gear problem he is having, he will try to get the touch this thing down. if it is the nose gear, even tried to land on the back and easily come down on the front. if it does collapse, the plane would be going well enough where the front of the plan but just got. if one of the side gears happened to collapse, then you cannot control the stability of the airplane. remember, on the runway, these pilots are steering these things with their feet, not their hand. if you lose one of those wheels, you can lose control of easily. martha: how difficult is it to
1:39 pm
tell when you fly by -- but that they are locked? how can we tell visually? trace: he is probably 99% sure that his landing gear is down and locked, but he wants to make sure because you cannot see. he wants to make sure that someone gives you a visual. not want are good that the landing gear is down and locked and will hold, but just in case, watch him pull the nose of the airplane slightly, land on the two wheels, and that they come down. the nose touches down. martha: it was like you were coaching him.
1:40 pm
trace: good news down in fort lauderdale. martha: back to manhattan where we have some u.n. meetings going on. we all know iran is refusing to stop their nuclear program. now israel may be out of patience. some believe an air strike may be in their plans. a former israeli ambassador on the next move.
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martha: here is a look at capitol hill where the senate finance committee will be resuming work on the baucus of, -- health care overhaul bill. and the battle, the massachusetts senate debating a bill that but that the governor named an interim replacement to fill ted kennedy's seat. in the bottom box, the first day
1:44 pm
of all looking for a lot like winter. snow falling today in colorado. a winter storm watch was issued for the boulder area. trace: as president obama take part in the un general assembly, iran's leader lashes out. he told a military parade in tehran that iran would cut off the hands of anyone who attacked the country. this banner reading down with israel. the u.s. and israel claim iran is building nuclear weapons, a charge that they have repeatedly denied. a former ambassador to the united nations is with us. russia has said, it is not going to happen. yet, i look at this list. you have the prime minister, the defense minister, deputy foreign minister, armed forces chief, and they all say it is very much on the table.
1:45 pm
>> the response is the prime minister defending his nation. iran has said that israel must be wiped off the page of the map. that is the attitude of the supreme leader, the attitude of the general of the the revolutionary guard. so israel must do what is necessary to defend itself. however, they still prefer severe sanctions and a strong international action, although the prime minister, chief of staff, will defend the state of israel, by whatever means necessary. trace: this had been going on for quite some time. israel has been saying, the clock is ticking on this. diplomacy can only go so far. we are in the line of fire and we can meet -- we need to act.
1:46 pm
>> we noted that europeans engaged with iran, but they only exploited the europeans and bought time. that is what we expect with any prolonged negotiation. that is why israel is playing, move now. we cannot see how negotiations will turn out in october. rezko they are getting some money -- trace: they are getting some money from friendly nations like venezuela. ties with iran and afghanistan right now. >> let's remember what iran is, it is an existential threat to israel. iran is supplying the insurgency against u.s. they are in iraq fighting with
1:47 pm
the shiites. now you have a presence of hezbollah and the revolutionary guard? iran that affect a lot of countries. we are willing to give them a chance of diplomacy but israel will defend itself. trace: let me open up a pandora's box quickly. if israel strikes iran of nuclear strike, what what is really expect of america? >> i think it is premature to go into that area. right now we have not even begun to exploit the thing that we could do to iran. we could move down and up at the most internally sensitive aspect of the economy, its dependence on foreign gasoline. we have not moved that way. right now sanctions kind by the
1:48 pm
u.n. and security council have largely been weakened by and all that from the russians and chinese. at least we can see if we can stop this iranian effort. trace: thank you. great to see you. martha: riot police moved in to disperse thousands of protesters in honduras. demonstrate or put the thing on behalf of the deposed president who is now holed up in the brazilian embassy. right police firing tear gas and water hoses at protesters. the crowd threw rocks back. zelaya was returned to power on monday after being in exile. trace: acorn tapping a veteran prosecutor to lead an internal investigation. the former massachusetts
1:49 pm
attorney general. he specializes in corporate government. he will be probing their housing program and other service projects after members of the organization were caught advising a suppose it prostitute had to conceal her identity from the irs, even how to run her own brothel. acorn says the investigation will be aggressive, thorough, and far reaching. martha: get me off of this airplane. ever feel like that? after hearing all of these horrific tales of passengers who are stuck on the tarmac for hours and hours, some have had enough. what one group is doing to make sure it does not happen again. will it actually happened? are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert
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trace: this is the stuff movies are made of. a. briggs truck robbery. apparently it was very well organized. -- a brinks truck robbery. >> there were witnesses, and three men pulling up in a blue van, casing the area, waiting for the brinks truck. they knew the schedule. they shot the driver. he is apparently ing to be ok. away from the scene, the fbi has taken over the man had. they ditched the van, said it on fire, and they do not know what they are driving. as many as 20 shots were fired at the same.
1:54 pm
these are very dangerous guys. trace: thank you. martha: some of us have experienced this, heard about the nightmare of being stuck on an airplane tarmac or four, five, even nine hours, while they tell you we have a delay here. we will let you know. today in washington, is presenting a proposal for passengers to get off the airplane. they want passengers to be able to get off if they have been on for more than three hours. brian wilson is following this story from washington. we buy the ticket, you get on the airplane. why does it feel like you lose all your right? >> it is a fairly simple equation. the airlines have lobbyists.
1:55 pm
when the faa has a meeting about this, those lobbyists have a seat at the table. today's meeting was an attempt by congress to take some action or the little guy. >> airline passengers have been waiting a decade for relief. congress has done nothing and airlines have no intention to change their behavior. it is ridiculous. >> in fact, one big name in the airline world is breaking ranks of former ceo of america airlines supporter of a three- hour delay. take a listen. >> pending legislation specifies three hours of the maximum time we should allow before
1:56 pm
passengers are offered the option to deplane. while i have difficulty finding fault with that objective, i would strongly suggest that the legislation initially stipulate or hours. -- four hours. martha: thank you very much. trace: we have some breaking news from the war in afghanistan. plus, could it have been an historic decision? at a high-school court charged with homicide after a one of his players died on the field. but he was acquitted and is a free man. he is with us next on "the live desk." gecko: uh, you wanted to see me sir?
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martha: breaking news on the war in afghanistan [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute we have just learned the pentagon will likely ask for a resource request, from the top commander, and it could come as soon as tomorrow. this is a really controversial thing. this comes after general mcchrystal strategy review was leaked to the newspapers, and it follows criticism that he was told by some in washington not to send his request for more troops yet. so what is going on behind the scenes?
2:01 pm
decker griffin is with us from the pentagon. this is a pretty big development. -- jennifer griffin is with us from the pentagon. >> this is new is that we have gleaned by speaking to our sources at the pentagon. this resource request, more troops, we understand, will be requested from general mcchrystal to be said to secretary gates some time in the coming days. it could be as early as tomorrow. what one official told us was the perception that general mcchrystal was asked by someone in washington not to send that request. that has become more of a distraction, and therefore, want to put an end to these rumors. remember, the general mcchrystal, according to reports, is prepared to request
2:02 pm
30,000 to 40,000 more troops. we are being told now that that request -- the pentagon is going to ask him to said that request in the coming days. martha: reconcile that with what we learned a couple of days ago. even if the request comes through, troops will not be ready to be added before january. is that correct? >> it is interesting, i spoke to other top officials who declined because of the elections in iraq, because u.s. troops will not be coming home from iraq before those elections, there are not any extra brigade to be sent out. that being said, families are usually given 80 days' notice. if you are going to start sending those additional troops to afghanistan, you have to give people warning, and the decisions would need to happen
2:03 pm
in a couple of weeks. so guess, it is true that no troops will be arriving before the end of that year, -- so yes, it is true that no troops will be arriving before the end of the year, but if you want to get this accomplished, it needs to be started now. martha: thank you. trace: there is more concerned about this paragraph 4 million to people who take mass transit in major cities. the word is the fed's may have more terror suspects and their sight. -- and their sight. this is pretty much people were seeing coming off of trains this morning, reminiscent of 9/11. the fed's are now warning police around the country to be on the lookout for suspicious behavior, especially transit systems,
2:04 pm
sports arenas, hotels, and storage systems. steve centanni is in washington. what is washington saying? >> they issued three secured notes. on friday, they put one of her mind and law enforcement to be vigilant in guarding the nation's railways, some boys, and buses. they especially for my beliefs of the threat carried by homemade bombs. they also released two notices, one regarding sports facilities, and hotels. they want what enforcement to be suspicious of any activity around self-storage unit as well. it did not mention any specific plan, but they also said americans should also read it always be vigilant and report any suspicious activity. trace: we've reported on
2:05 pm
najibullah zazi. what is going on between these arrests and what is happening here in new york? >> there is nothing really connecting them, so far as they have said. but law-enforcement has said that these that were not met for the general public. they were simply intended for law enforcement to remain vigilant. trace: if this was specific target, the notes have become bulletin's. >> that is right. just different terminology. trace: president obama making his debut at the united nations. he had worked prague -- he had promised to work closely with allied nations. it seems like someone is picking on him.
2:06 pm
who is criticizing the president? >> well, you almost but george bush was in the white house still. the president being criticized here at the united nations? it was not supposed to happen with president obama, but that has after his speech about climate change. it comes from a hugo chavez ally, evo morales. he said the president offered no solutions. he respects him but there have been tension between the two countries. here is some of what he told me. >> what do you think of president obama? >> president obama, i expect just like any other president
2:07 pm
part of the u.n., regardless of the debate on climate change, as good observation but no solutions. if we are convinced that we need to save humanity, we need to save the earth. what is hurting the planet is capitalism. >> he also said he does not blame the american people but our economic system. trace: what is the other controversy regarding where these heads of state are staying, and who is paying for it. >> you can be had of state, but that does not mean that you could put your head down on a pillow. start with mahmoud ahmadinejad. he usually stays at the international hotel. they did not allow him to have reservations this time around. meanwhile, muammar al-qaddafi, the head of libya.
2:08 pm
he wanted to pitch a tent in central park. that was not allowed. he wanted to do that in new jersey in front of the libyan mission. instead of staying at the pierre hotel, he will be staying just a couple of blocks away from there. now the question is, will president obama bob into ahmadinejad and al-qaddafi, even if he does not? that is a good question. even if they try to avoid each other, the secretary-general had a launched a march for the head of state. frankly, there is nothing stopping unidentified or al- qaddafi from saddling up to the president at one of his functions and saying hello. trace: thank you. there are brand new developments in a landmark case for coaches
2:09 pm
across the country. it took the jury 90 minutes to declare coach jason stinson not guilty in the death of one of his players. for the coach it was a dramatic experience. >> part of my life was taken away. i no longer teach and coach at the school that i love. trace: coming up next, jason stinson, here medicare.
2:10 pm
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trace: and the top box, president obama meet with israeli prime minister netanyahu and prime minister of palestine about. in the middle box, tim pawlenty is preparing to launch a national fund raising group. he could be preparing for a 2012 presidential run. in the bottom box, bank of america faces an sec lawsuit over the bonuses that were paid to merrill lynch. questioned by bank of america were not charged. martha: this is a cable exclusive interview in a landmark case. in kentucky high-school football coach, and jason stinson, the first coach ever charged with
2:13 pm
homicide in the death of one of his players. max gilpin collapsed and three days later, he died of a heat stroke. here is what his coach said then. >> the one thing people keep forgetting here is that i lost one of my boys. martha: then came the trial. some of the code just testified that stinson had a brutal workout. some said that they were denied water. that they would run until one of them quit. >> the coach got a little angry with us and did not let us get water or anything. martha: several other teammates stood by their coach. >> he was like a brother to me. if i thought he did something wrong, i would have said it. martha: although the the defense admits that gilpin's death was
2:14 pm
tragic, he was not at all. it took the jury 90 minutes to reach a not guilty verdict. in his first cable interview, coach stinson is with me now with his lawyer. what is it like -- it must have been hard to listen to those players. sun said it was a brutal workout. you denied that water and that they would run until someone quit. if you say those things? >> it is tough when they put student-athletes on the stand. it is tough to listen to those things, a lot of accusations made that were proved to be false. the one thing i told my boys from the beginning, i do not hide from coach stinson, do not make anything up. always tell the truth. the thing that people need to remember this the media, the
2:15 pm
print media, especially in kentucky, created a false sense of what happened that day. martha: i am asking you to create a true sense. did you deny that water? did you tell them that they would run until someone quit? >> let me ask -- let me answer that. some students talked about that but he will not be answering that question. martha: some called the treatment barbaric. what do you feel when you hear that? >> we had fair and impartial people that look at this case. they heard testimony from both sides. they took those facts and i went back and deliver it for 35 minutes. within that time they were able to come up with a not guilty charge. people also need to remember that a thorough investigation was done before this, and they came back with the same
2:16 pm
conclusion. i broke no policy or high school rule. i should be cleared to go back to the classroom. martha: that says a lot. the first thing is whether or not you broke a law. you are pointing to something else that is important, policy. says a lot that you will begin teaching again on thursday. what there ever a moment when you realized what happened, maybe there was something you did wrong? >> at that point, i never saw him collapse. i was in a team meeting. martha: but when you learned what had happened. >> as soon as i knew he went down, i went to him. i went directly to the hospital. i spent three days in the hospital.
2:17 pm
it was a tense situation. it could have been explosive. you have a coach and the parent of a child who collapsed at practice. the right thing to do was to stand by this young man. that is what has been lost. everyone wants to talk about the coach and the parent, but nobody wants to focus on max. not one newspaper or news out that had done a story about him, to talk about what a tremendous young man he was. walking by him, collapsed on the field is absolutely false. i treat those boys like my own sons. martha: the prosecution said that you never went down. you say that you were not even aware. >> was this proven in court. martha: there was aderol,
2:18 pm
creatine brought up with him. was that any concern for his medical condition? >> we believe that may have contributed to this death. martha: i have two kids that play football as well. as a coach, when you look at this, most of these kids are never going to play college football. most of them are never going to play pro football. where do you draw the line? you want them to be tough and to be a team, i understand, but where do you draw the line between what is too rough, how did you know what is too rough for one and not another? >> we are not preparing these bad for the nfl or college football. we know that. our job is to prepare them for society and to prepare them to become good citizens, good
2:19 pm
fathers, good husband, and the taxpayers. kentucky has some of the toughest standard when it comes to high school football. no rules were broken. martha, but you heard that one player who said that you were angry that day. you heard others say we could not have water. we were going to run until we quit. did any of this change the way that you look at coaching, the way to push a player? >> the one that we have to remember is this is a tragedy. parents have lost their son. the community has lost a great young man. these teammates have lost a brother. as coaches, we lost a player. i cannot accept responsibility for things that i did not do. that is my statement.
2:20 pm
i was held accountable, taken through an indictment, charged, and taken to trial. 12 people came back with the same decision in 35 minutes. martha: absolutely, but you are going back to teach on thursday. i know you are looking forward to that. i am looking forward to hearing what the response will be at school. you may go back to coaching. would you like to coach football again? >> absolutely. i believe i have been called to coach. i think i should be coaching these young men the impact of jesus christ. it has never been coach stinson vs. max gilpin. martha: the first time you
2:21 pm
walked back on that field and it is 94 degrees, the kids are tired and hot. maybe someone is not feeling good. it is going to go through your mind. what are you going to do? >> we are going to do the same thing that we did that day. we are going to follow the policies set forward by the kentucky high school association and we are going to run our practice. always come back to the same thing. not guilty in 35 minutes. no policies were broken. martha: as you point out, the first tragedy is what happened to that young man and what has occurred because of that. i commend you for going through this process as well as being found not guilty. we wish you the best at school. thank you for being with us. trace: remember joe the plumber?
2:22 pm
remember the president telling him that he need to spread the wealth? now we have a much better idea of how much wealth the president's plan would spread. the numbers are next (announcer) your doctor knows
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trace: according to the tax foundation, a nonpartisan group, as it stands today, six out of that american get more from the government and they pay in taxes. the other 40% of the bill. if the president's policies go through, there will be an even more dramatic shift. of course, we're talking about taxes and climate change. 70 percent of americans would get more in federal spending and they get in taxes. 30% would foot the bill.
2:26 pm
judge andrew napolitano is with us n. i want to put this number up. when you are talking about the number all told, the transfer would be $1 trillion from the top 30% to the bottom 70%. what does this mean for us, constitutionally? >> the constitution this under the equal protection clause. basically, the government must treat similarly to to with people in a similar manner. they cannot take a class of people, you'd be independent. to another class, you cannot have to pay taxes. if it does that, it creates a class of people dependent on the government. hamilton and jefferson, who hated each other, agreed on one thing publicly. if the public treasury becomes a public trough and the people recognize that, they will only
2:27 pm
send to washington those who promised to bring home as much as they can. then we lose our values as individuals and our structure in the free market. it is how much can you get from me? trace: the obama administration would say, it is the right thing to do. take from those who have more and give to those who do not have as much. >> the president believe this. he told that to bill o'reilly in the election campaign as well. what is wrong with sharing the wealth? it is the philosophical underpinning, at least with domestic policy, that it is the role of the government to take from those who have, and give to those who have not. the problem is, that is not in the constitution. chris, election-wise, do you see it -- trace: election-wise,
2:28 pm
do you see it electinmoving the? >> after they finish what health care and immigration, they began thinking about this. if they said anyone who makes under $100,000 does not pay taxes, that is 50% of the electorate. then they could raise taxes for the rest and that with the ridley be stealing from those who have and given to those who do not. trace: is that because you can't attack those who you know are not going to vote for you? >> this would be a tierney of the majority. this would be a created class of majority that does not pay taxes and would vote itself what it wants, from those who do pay taxes. martha: it is a big week here in new york. president obama has a key
2:29 pm
meeting at the united nations. he is hosting israel's prime minister and the palestinian president. what do these handshakes mean? john bolten tells us what he thinks about this. and many of us struggle to make ends meet. did you know that billions of your tax dollars go overseas to oil-rich countries like saudi arabia? what is going on? @=h what i need
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to control my diabetes, to
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trace: we want to get your brand new information on three big stories. police were everywhere. let's get you to the terror warnings. >> federal authorities have issued a series of advisories to local police, telling them to be on the lookout for suspicious activity at storage facilities, sports stadiums, hotels, and transit hubs. they say that the notices are not connected to any specific terrorist threat, but an investigation continued into an alleged terror plot in new york and denver. three men have been detained and there could be more charges to come. trace: following your taxes, the u.s. giving millions of dollars to oil-rich countries. william la jeunesse is in los angeles. >> from bangkok to budapest,
2:34 pm
medicare might be a pro, but that share the fed's will said the $35 billion of your tax dollars overseas, including for securing the border isaudi arabia as well as libya, promoting civil liberty in venezuela. basically, promoting democracy in communist china. critics say that this may make politicians happy but it does very little to help the poror. there was a study on the program that we have and many of them were found to be ineffective. trace: middle east peace. netanyahu, abbas, obama's. all of the leaders are meeting in washington. >> president obama told the israeli and palestinian leader that they need to talk soon on the last issue standing in the way of middle east peace, the tough issues like borders, water
2:35 pm
rights. it is not clear that they want to negotiate with each other, or that they showed. president abbas is not in control of gaza. prime minister netanyahu is not very much in favor of a strong palestinian state. trace: thank you. martha: joining me now is former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton. he reminded us -- you reminded us that president bush looked like have left museum. what about president obama? >> this morning at the climate change summit, he said we passed the cap and trade bill and the house but he neglected to say that it was going nowhere in the senate. from his point of view, it is all about him and not about the
2:36 pm
substance of the policy. martha: he has made it clear that his policy about international relations is different from his predecessor. he wanted it to be. he wanted these countries to unclench their fists so that he could have a head -- give a hand to them. out of that going? >> good luck to him. i am not saying that we will not get into negotiations, but there will not be any change in their positions. martha: this takes time, we are laying the groundwork. that is what the white house would said. sunday that they have done recently this scrapping the missile defense shield in poland. they claim that is favorable to russia and is a better way to protect from iran. >> i think the president impact
2:37 pm
it is having a real impact. this signaling weakness from this administration. russia saw this as very positive because it was something that they wanted. they did not have to give up anything. i think other friend of ours around the world, japan, korea, also see it as a sign of weakness. you can always make friend by giving up your power, but that is not great negotiations. he needs to find court that a policy to get us out of this economic slump we are in. most of what we have here in new york is a total opportunities, enhancing the president's image. they have some tough issues to discuss at the g 2-20. martha: would you have called a wax museum?
2:38 pm
>> it was for president bush, not for president obama. trace: it is de-day in the senate finance committee, working on the baucus some have serious reservations. some are afraid things are moving too fast. >> this is about reforming 1/6 of the economy. one out of every $6 we are spending in america we are passing legislation affecting that. trace: and were the baucus plan is already costing more money if you're taking 8 extra-strength tylenol...
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martha: we have a brand new pictures coming in from the ventura, california where there is a brush fire. 200 firefighters on the scene, the 5 miles north of los angeles. two acres have burned so far,
2:42 pm
but this thing just started. we will keep a close eye on that. in the middle box, big news. the massachusetts senate had voted in favor to allow the state governor to name an interim senator to step in and fill the vacant kennedy's seat. that is something that he wanted badly. who will it be? that is the question. in the bottom box, the estranged wife of mark sanford is now writing a book. it is billed as an inspiration -- inspiration on the mark. the publisher said it will grapple with a universal issue of maintaining the integrity and a sense of self. she certainly did that. trace: in the middle box, there
2:43 pm
is new in fighting in capitol hill over health care reform. the senate finance committee debating sweeping legislation put forward by max baucus. already we are hearing that he has agreed to commit another $50 billion to the plan. meantime, one of the republican to spend months negotiating with him the killing some of the reasons why he is not supporting current legislation. here is chuck grassley. >> the turnabout cost to taxpayers, affordability for individuals. still some other serious outstanding issues that have yet to be resolved. presenting taxpayer funding of abortions. enforcement against subsidies for immigrant here illegally. medical malpractice reform. all of those are unresolved. trace: with me now is to
2:44 pm
crofton. we also have mo levy. tucker, 64 amendments. any wonder there is a standoff on capitol hill? >> amendments are attempt to bring compromise, of course. here is the main change that baucus attempted to make, to make it a broader plan that gives more to more people. in fact, make up cannot an effort to help the poor, but a new middle-class entitlement. hence, his plan to offer assistance to people making 400% of the poverty level. that is basically welfare for people who are paying for their own health adjourned premiums. basically, paying the middle class to get on board is the new strategy. history shows that is a pretty good one. trace: baucus said that he is going to add another $50 billion
2:45 pm
to the plan. there were a lot of people who were skeptical paying for the first 800 billion. is this cost on top of cost? >> the cost of inaction is even greater. trace: but what about the cost of action? >> i think they are still working out the details. there are a lot of amendments. many of them are being thrown out by people who want to see no action. i do not think people want to see no action. but this is not an expensive proposition but i think the cost of inaction is even worse trace: to press with says that this is both raise taxes. he says it still does not prevent illegal in a red from getting health insurance, and that it will not prevent health insurance money willing to abortions. can't they just remove that language so everyone is happy?
2:46 pm
>> democrats have been working with republicans to find a compromise but they have not been too enthusiastic. i do not think there will be any real tax increase. the main thing people are complaining about is whether they should make it mandatory to make people have insurance. proponents of that would say it is no different from requiring car insurance. do not provide it, others will end up paying for it. trace: we are already settled at that amount to a tax. do you buy what he just said, that there will not be a tax increase? secondly, harry reid going back to reconciliation. >> either you spend less money or you increase taxes, or to increase the size of the deficit. we are pretty sure nobody wants to spend less money, at least from the white house, or
2:47 pm
increase the deficit. i agree. the stumbling block will b forcing people to buy health insurance. by the way, the illegal immigrant question comes down to enforcement. either you force people to prove their residency status for you allow the legal immigrants to get health care. it is a choice. i do not think democrats will allow any provision that makes people prove that they are hill -- that they are here illegally. trace: moe, you get the last point. >> the president has said that this plan does not have any extra benefits for illegal benefits. people are paying right now for people who do not have health insurance. that is a hidden tax that we have already today. trace: thank you. martha: we just came over here to acquisition, watching what was coming in.
2:48 pm
shepard smith is here getting ready for "studio b." shepard: have you heard about these wal-mart photographs? we have all taken pictures of our kids in the bathroom. wal-mart employees at those pictures to the police and they went through this whole thing about child pornography. martha: their children were taken away, weren't they? >> it is unbelievable what happened to them. shepard: they are suing wal-mart for all the pain and suffering they have been through. everybody has their kid pictures. martha: why should you ever have to be afraid to get a picture like that developed? shepard: you shouldn't. so we will talk to them. we will talk about president
2:49 pm
obama's popularity in european countries and whether that will translate into policy agreements. we will also talk about these terrible and. they are not really for you and me, but for police. martha: be more scared when you were walking through penn station? i do not >> know why it is more helpful for me to be scared. now there is more security everywhere. martha: they are investigating something right now. they have not let out a lot of the information, probably rightly. shepard: i am a bit more worried. it is necessary to see something and say something, to what people can be diligent, but not necessarily to worry. trace: i am with shepard.
2:50 pm
it scares me on the train. shepard: i don't mind the security, but billing all- around. trace: hugo chavez tightening his grip on venezuela. he just put all of the television station on government control. now people are waiting in the streets. . . .
2:51 pm
2:52 pm
2:53 pm
[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute trace: we have fires and floods in the boxes. in the top box, there is a fire burning in southern california in ventura county just south of los angeles. that is a live picture out there. you can see how close the flames
2:54 pm
are to home. in the metal box, those killer floods in georgia. drought-stricken georgia got 2 feet of rain over the past couple of days. they have had massive flooding. so far, eight people have been killed in those floods. the latest political battleground in venezuela is moving from the streets to the classroom. president hugo chavez passing a law to give government greater control over schools. he plans to indoctrinate little children and turned them into revolutionary socialists. >> something is going to be very different this year in venezuela's schools. by law, whether your children are in public or private school, they will have to be taught that the best path is socialism. inside the school yard, they play nice.
2:55 pm
outside with the adults, it is another story. tear gas, riot police, and a nationwide fight over what to teach in venezuela's school's permit the man who controls this country's presidency, it's oil, courts, parliament, and media, is trying to control its future, venezuela's children, with a new law on education. >> in capitalist society, it is all about the individual. >> he is openly defiant about his goal. >> yes, we are indoctrinating children from the first grade until college. the ideology of socialism, our ideology. >> the unusual situation results that on the first day of school, some of the parents are more nervous than the children.
2:56 pm
hugo chavez has had a lot of fights with the opposition, but no issue has inspired more anchor than this new law on teaching socialism in the schools. trace: steve, thank you. martha: a year after you bail aig out, new warnings that the company may never be able to repay the $120 billion that it owes taxpayers.
2:57 pm
to other people,
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